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I think it's dead, ya'll.

Not dead, just paused. 

If you want to keep more current updates on my games I recommend following my Tumblr dev blog, it’s hard keeping updated all my social media and over there I update more frequently. 

I will be updating here once I can officially announce the back to development!

im excited to see where this goes!!

Super cool! I really enjoyed pretty much everything about this game, and i'm very excited for the full release :)

i cant get past the part where after u turn on the sprinkler thing and then have to go thru the unlocked door its literally impossible for me :'(

Hello, I hope this helps with your problem!

After turning on the sprinklers you should be able to go through the door in the top of the screen (the one to the control room, not the scenario). You should be able to go through that door, if not, then I'll see if it's a new bug I wasn't aware of.

Also, after turning the power on again and defeating Radio, I advise not entering the Control room again, there's a bug I wasn't aware off that will send you in an unbreakable loop where you will be unable to finish the game.

ok thank u !! ill try  it :)


good game. like the aesthetic. theming and art are really nice too, as well as the character designs. story is something new.


Thank you very much for your comment! I'm glad to hear you liked it.

OMG! i love spooky games i cant wait to play!!! :D

I hope you have fun and some scares too when you play!


Exellent work with this game! I really enjoyed it. It was creepy and nerve-wrecking!


Thank you! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! 




I enjoyed playing the game so far! :) 

glad i finished it and im sure ther is more to it :D 

Thank you very much for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

Hi there.

I like your game. 

Do you need anybody to help proofread? I'd like to offer my assistance if you do. This game looks great otherwise. Keep on keeping on. 

Hi thank you for playing! 

I already have someone to proofread, but I haven’t had the time to update the fixed text into the game yet, but thank you for the offer. 


This game! I can't stop saying how much I love i, can't wait to see the full version. Made you a video: 

Thank you very much again for playing!

np at all! ^_^